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Monday, 11 August 2014

Some fantastic FREE network tutorials from Junos

One rainy Sunday afternoon, I decided to go back to basics and review the bread and butter of networking.
So here's what I found. (Yes, I also found a picture of a hot teacher!)

Juniper provide what is probably the best FREE Video based training I've seen on this subject. What's more, the Networking Fundamentals course is pretty much "Junos free" meaning that even if your language of choice is Cisco (or routerOS, or something else), its all still relevant!

Each course features a video, which, in the case of the Junos based courses, allow you to interact and have a go at typing commands into / interacting with the video.

Before I point you in the direction of these great courses, You will be asked to login, but you can register for FREE. Enjoy!

You can find the Juniper Network Fundamentals Course Here

You can find a list of the getting started courses here (You may need to login to view this page)

Also, not wanting to leave Cisco out, here's a useful PDF on IP addressing and sub-netting.

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