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Friday, 24 October 2014

5 Cloud Storage Providers: Which Gives The Best "BANG!" For Your Storage Buck.

I'm currently looking to expand the amount of cloud storage I have, So I'm looking at payment plans.
Which service gives the most (space) bang for the buck?
Without doing too much digging, I'm going to choose from Google's Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive, Amazon's Cloud DriveApple's iCloud, and Dropbox's...err... Dropbox! :D

Whilst I recognise that the different offerings have different features (For example, Apple's iCloud has close integration with it's own product range) I'm simply looking at how much space provided is provided for a given sum of money.

Here's how they stack up

Free Space*Cheapest Price PlanSpace (GB)**Cost per GBAnnual Cost
Google drive151.991000.02024
One drive151.991000.02024
Amazon CloudDrive50.5200.0256

  • * The amount of space you get for free
  • ** The amount of space you get with the cheapest price plan

So as it stands, Google's Drive is sharing the top spot with Microsoft's OneDrive evenly matched right across the board.

Dropbox looks great from a Cost per GB stance, but that's only because they've gone all "Hulk Smash!" by offering (almost) 1TB!

Cloud storage wars have been hotting up of late. I dont expect this to be the last word in getting a better deal for cloud storage.

Do you know of a cloud storage provider than can beat these prices? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. 1. Dropbox - you can upgrade your free account with up to 18G of free storage by using referral links. Plus, some smartphones ( Samsung, Nexus, HTC ) that come bundled with Dropbox give extra storage for 1-2 years.

    2. Comodo Cloud

    3. ADrive - 50G free plan.

    1. Oh and forgot to add the Build it YourSelf with a cheap storage VPS / dedicated ( search LowEndBox ) + OwnCloud

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